Reader Views Awards Announcement

The Bridge to Magic wins the Grand Prize for Fiction and four other awards.

When I was writing this book, I dreamed of one day winning a literary award, perhaps like most writers. It was a dream nothing more, and I never thought myself to be good enough. Though I never expected to touch one, I still reached for the stars. When I submitted my book for consideration, I had not entertained the possibility of winning one never mind 5 awards in different categories. Not really. It was a dream, nothing more.

I am now thrilled, humbled and truly chuffed (or stoked as we say here in Australia). Thank you to the judges, and also to all my readers so far who have read my book and left a review. Your support is truly appreciated and your kind words spurn me on each day as I sit down to write another story.

I feel like I have crossed my own bridge to magic.

Never give up on your dreams, dear readers.

With all my love,


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