The Rogue Mage – Book 2 of the Sundered Web Trilogy

It is official, the release date for Book 2 is set in stone as the 5th December 2023.

It is written in full, and though I know there are those amazing authors who can release a book every few months, I am afraid I am not one of them. In part because I suffer from a common ailment in writing of perfectionism. Even the thought of releasing the book before I feel it is ready to face the world makes me burst out in cold sweat. So for the next 9 months the manuscript will see endless rounds of editing by myself and at least four professional editors.

The early ARC copies will be ready to go out by September. If you are forgiving to inevitable errors in the ARC proofs (and won’t get mad at me for them), and would love to be one of the early readers of The Rogue Mage, please get in touch and I will post you a paperback as soon as it is available.

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